Adj Marshall

About the LEAP

Published Jan 1, 2010

Learned curiosity! Where did I learn curiosity?  Can curiosity even be learned?

My fervent curiosity about the world and its potential for positive change  informs the crux of my daily pursuits.

This blog is my profession of love for the world. Scott M. Peck defines love as” The will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing ones own or another’s spiritual growth”. I have chosen to nurture my own growth through the creation of a year long  LEAP (Liberal Arts Education Plan) and to nurture the growth of others by sharing the insights I gain from the LEAP’s execution with the larger world.

A friend of mine once commented that “A liberal arts education is wasted on 19 year olds” This is not to say that is it useless for 19 years olds, just that it might be better suited for those who have had some time to explore the world. This comment stayed with me and started the stirrings of what would become the impetus for my self directed LEAP.

I shared my plan with a craft savvy friend who promptly urged me to define it further for myself. Soon she was on track creating a plan of her own. The encouragement I received from those around me gave me the strength I needed to embark on this plan and see it through.

The basis for the plan originated from my goals list. Each year around new years, for about 5 years now I have created a list of my goals. Most people judiciously choose a handful of items they would like improve upon on or pursue for the coming year, I however list absolutely everything! The list had started to become so long that it no longer fit on one front and back typed page. When I began to formulate my course of action for the plan many of the goals I had defined for 2010 came to hold a prominent place in my LEAP. While my LEAP is much more detailed the Learned Curiosity blog will funnel these elements into several overarching themes including:

  • Education
  • Music
  • Business
  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Communication
  • Physical Purists

Learned Curiosity will be a space for me integrate my various educational LEAP objectives while serving as an arena to reflect upon my year of education.

My LEAP is a plan of love, one of self love and of communal love. Love here is not some ineffable concept but rather a tangible concrete, which asks us to extend ourselves for the benefit of our fellow human and self. It challenges us to engage with the world in new ways. As we critically challenge one another we reinforce the bonds that connect us all and assist in the nurturing growth of our neighbors.

I hope you enjoy the space and find inspiration from my work, and critically engage with its content.

Good Luck and Peace



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